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Instructions for BUSINESS CARD Generator

After you open the file, start by hitting the tab key and to go to the next blank, complete all the   blanks and print the file on card stock.  Any areas that you do not want anything printed, just delete the info in the block, for example if you do not have a cell phone, just clear that area and leave it blank or put in any other info you would like to be on the card.  For best results use Avery Business Cards 8376 Ink Jet forms. 

You may save the file to your hard drive or open it from the website, If you save it to your hard drive remember what folder you saved it to.  You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this file(see note). 

 If you would like to have business cards printed with the Smoky Mountain Chapter - NCVA logo with your name, address and phone numbers, Click here. 

Instructions For the Letterhead Generator:

Click below on the PDF file or the DOC file.   The PDF file lets you fill in the blanks for you name and address, then you print all the copies you would like.

The DOC file lets you edit the file and type your letter, you can print or save the file but you don't have the form blanks for the name and address. If you save it to your hard drive remember what folder you saved it to.

CLICK HERE for the PDF File.

CLICK HERE for the DOC file.

Note: If you do not have Adobe Reader click here to download and install it on your computer